Thinking of Others (9-1-14)

It is time to blog again. As I mentioned before, I never know what to say in a blog. I spoke with my oldest daughter and she made the comment to me that I can blog about whatever I want to since it is my blog. I thought that was really profound. It is amazing how simple an answer can be and yet we can tend to over-think things.

Today is Labor Day and my husband and I went to the parade up town. It is surprising how long it was for such a small town parade. The parade lasted an hour and a half. We had a family with small kids standing in the street in front of us. It is amazing how people are so self-absorbed that they don’t think of others around them. We arrived at the parade route about 50 minutes early and were there before this family arrived. However, they STAND in front of those that are sitting along-side the street. They were blocking our view of those in the parade. We weren’t interested in the candy (our kids are all grown now). We were just wanting to be there to show our support of those from our church youth group that were in the parade.

Why is it that just about everywhere you go there are people who think of only themselves? What happened to putting others first? That was how my husband and I were raised…don’t be selfish.

Most generally, things like this don’t bother me as much as they do my husband. But I think that we can all learn from this. When we are going about our daily lives, are we still remembering those around us? Maybe we need to take a moment and think about that as we go through our days.

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