“Great job Angie on setting up my business cards.  Recycled Earth is going to expand so much with your help.  Ready for you to organize the whole Day Care now, thanks.” ~ Donna

“Angie, Thank you for your efforts during tax season.  I know there was a lot to learn.  I would have to admit that things went better than I anticipated.  Happy Admin Prof’s week!” ~ John

“Things with Angie couldn’t be better.  I know she’s waiting on some things from me and I’m working on it.  She’s right there to answer questions for me, and even if she needs to find an answer and get back to me, she does it right away.  I’m completely happy working with her.” ~ Tyler

“Thank you Angie for the beautiful brochures.  They were exactly what we wanted.  You designed them perfect with the right amount of personal touch we were looking for.  The customer service is above and beyond.  The business cards were done with the exact graphic we wanted both clean and precise.  Thank you for the quick work and ongoing service!  5 stars to Crucial Collaborations.” ~ Arms of Angels

“Oh my gosh!  My cards came in today and I absolutely love them!  They look so nice and represent my business perfectly! I recommend more people come to Angie!  She did a great job!” ~ Karlee

“Thanks intended for furnishing many of these amazing [blog] posts.” ~ nba 2k17

“Angie is so awesome.  She is diligent.  I’ve been working with her now for six months.  She does such a great job getting everything out, following up, taking the calls and doing what she says she is going to do.  She really is great.  We have a great working relationship so far.  Hopefully she doesn’t have any complaints, hahaha.  The newsletter connects me to the community and makes me kind of a celebrity and I get recognized-even just going out to lunch.  Someone stopped me at Panera today for lunch to say hello because the newsletter makes me more than a company or a business.  $100,000 in ROI just from the newsletter.” ~ Paul