Stupid Smart Phones (6-1-15)

One of my very first blogs was on proofreading.  However, with so many smart phones out there, how many times do we not proofread before we click send?  I am very guilty about that.  I am forever having to edit a comment on Facebook, or correct a text that I have already sent.

Our phones are called “Smart Phones”.  Can anyone tell me why, if they are so smart, they are just plain stupid?  The phone thinks it knows what you are trying to say and changes it.  I have sent a potentially very embarrassing text to my then boss.  If I hadn’t corrected it (and had he not had his own smart phone), it could have been extremely awkward. (The text was so embarrassing, that I won’t quote what it was.)

I have had to call a friend to correct what my phone sent.  I am sure I was quite red in the face (as my friends know, I do blush quite easily).  Fortunately, my friend was aware that I was using a smart phone and that I would NEVER speak as my phone apparently thought I was speaking.  Of course, this twisting of my message just made her day.  She was probably literally rolling on the floor laughing as well as crying from hysterics.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and yet a curse at the same time.  However, we do need to remember that it is only as good as the programming.  We should still take the seconds it takes to proofread what we are wanting to post, comment on, text, etc before sending.  I keep promising myself that I will proof before sending, but hopefully, after this blog, I will actually do just that.

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