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How To Get Away With Not Reading The Instructions

You have heard all of your life that you need to read the directions/instructions when putting something together or when learning a new hobby.  This is very true, but who has the time to do this?

Let me help you.  I have read the instructions and can help you with your tax needs.  Especially with all the new tax laws that have been established.  Don’t make a costly mistake.  Schedule your appointment with me.

All appointments are scheduled in one hour increments.

To schedule your appointment, click through until you find a time that will work for you.  Available times will typically be Monday-Friday at either 5:30, 6:30 or 7:30 and then on Saturdays all day from 9 am – 5 pm (at the top of each hour with the exception of lunch hour).

The calendar below displays available times in your time zone to make it as easy as possible. Scroll through the available options using the left and right arrows. Click a day that works best for you to see the exact times that are available.

When you see a time that works best for you, click it, then click “Confirm.” On the next screen, fill in your contact details and click “Schedule Event.” You’ll be able to add the time to your own calendar using the iCal, Outlook and Google links or through the confirmation email that you’ll receive.  I will e-mail you with the location once you have scheduled your appointment.

I can prepare taxes for any state in the USA.  We can use technology to get the necessary information back and forth so I can prepare your taxes.

I do not charge by the form.  I charge by the time it takes to complete your return.  There are some returns that take very little time to complete with a lot of schedules/forms and there are returns that require a lot of time with very few schedules/forms.  That is why it seems best to charge according to the time allotted to preparing each return.  If you are curious about what it might cost, please e-mail me and I can help you get an idea of what it might cost.  I will not give you an exact quote since some people will say they have a simple return and it turns out there is more involved than they realize.