Need Extra Time? (6-25-15)

As I have stated in earlier blogs, I am not good at this thing called blogging.  I am trying to learn more about blogging and marketing my business.  I am just starting out as a VA.  Most people hear that term and think of the Veteran’s Administration.  However, that is far from what my business about.  VA is a broad term that is used by people with varying talents.  Some VAs do graphic design.  Others can write computer programs.  While others are social media managers.  I, however, am none of the above;  although, I think I would like to get into the social media aspect of the VA world.  I do more of the basic clerical tasks.  I say it like it is a menial job;  however, I love to do a lot of different kinds of clerical things.  I have designed business cards, brochures, and return labels.  I have written newsletters and really enjoy the creativity of this kind of work.  Although it seems pretty simple to me, most people don’t enjoy doing this kind of stuff.

One thing I am learning is that marketing is not about me.  It is about what I can do for you.  What problem are you currently experiencing that I can help you solve?  There are so many scenarios that could go along with this question.  Are you over-whelmed right now with too many items on your to-do list and you just can’t get to those administrative duties along with the other demands of running your own business?  Do you wish you could take time off of the daily grind of work (even if just an hour or two each day) so you can meet your friend for a fancy meal?  I can help you with some of the daunting burdens that you really have no desire to complete.  I can save you time and money by accomplishing this as well.  How?  I am so glad that you have asked me that!

When you hire someone to come into your business and work for you, you are paying them by the hour and you are wanting to make sure they aren’t being paid to just twiddle their thumbs as they are standing around doing nothing.  When I, as a VA, come along side of you and support you with the administrative portions of your business, you are only paying for my expertise.  You don’t have to pay taxes or insurance.  No need to worry about whether or not you have the correct equipment around and whether or not it is in good working order.

Now that you have been enlightened as to a small portion of what I can do for you, what would you do with an extra hour or two each day?  Even if I free up one hour a day, that is 5 hours in a work week.  That is the equivalent of almost 22 hours a month, or 260 hours in a year.  What?  Really?  I promise that I can help free up some time in your business life so you can enjoy more time with your family or friends.  How many wouldn’t like to have more free time just to do whatever you want to do?

If you would just contact me, I promise that once we discuss what your struggle is within your business, I can help you to solve that problem.

So, what will you do with that extra time?  Go to the beach?  A night out on the town?  Special romantic date?  Let’s talk!

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