My Experience Can Help You Succeed (8-17-15)


When I try to figure out what I can write about, I am immediately drawn to how can I help others with my business.  I can expound upon my own experience with my clients at this point.  What a perfect place to draw from…experience!

I have a client that I was able to design brochures for as well as business cards for two of their employees and their return address labels.  For me, these tasks were very basic tasks and so simple to complete.  I know, though, for the client….it was a big deal.  I saw their previous brochure and was able to take the basic idea and make it appear more professional and detailed for their benefit.  I realize that small businesses, especially when they are just starting out, are watching every penny that is spent.  I do the same thing.  And because I know where they are at, I am very sensitive to the costs involved.  Yes, I need to make money;  however, if I am helping my clients to succeed without spending a lot of money, then I am gaining future clients as well.

After my client saw the finished, printed brochure….WOW!  They were very impressed with how it came out.  I loved working on this project.  Deciding which clip art to use and what font to utilize to make it be the most effect for what they were wanting.  I was able to help with the color scheme and the layout.  That was something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing.  I always take it for granted and think that everyone has the same ease in doing this kind of design.  I am reminded, though, that it is not the case.  Most people cannot stand to do this kind of work.

Then, when the client received their business cards, it had the same affect.  In fact, one of the gals that received a business card has been seen bragging and showing off the cards that she is able to hand out on behalf of the business that she has invested so much time into.

When I was working as an administrative assistant at a factory, I would walk out into the plant and watch the operators and packers do the same, repetitive thing for 8 hours each day/5 days a week.  Wow!  I can’t tell you how bored I would be with that going on.  I had helped with the packing when needed and although I wouldn’t complain about it, I could never understand how someone could do that on a regular basis and enjoy it.  When I would talk with an operator/packer, they couldn’t understand how I could stand to work in the office.  Working with all those numbers, the data entry, the copying, dealing with sales people, etc.  I would then have to admit that I couldn’t do what they were doing either.  We mutually respected what the other person was doing daily.

With this said, you can see that I have a talent for doing clerical jobs.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with numbers, designing brochures, data entry, newsletters, correspondence.  The possibilities of how I can help small business owners and non-profit organizations can be numerous to say the least.  Call me to see how my experience can help you succeed!

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