Blogging Begins (7-16-14)

It is time for me to be working on my website and trying to improve myself. I spent the most part of yesterday watching a video on transforming my Bio from boring into something that will attract business. I am all for that. I have made the changes and am hoping for the best. I have spent today looking at ways I can improve on the content of my website. Now blogging time!

I am not very good at writing blogs, but I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and try to get another blog written. I will also to try to get better about setting a specific time each week to do this. My problem, as I have stated in a previous blog, is the topic. What to write about.

Since I last wrote, I have had lots of changes in my life. I am hoping that by my leaps of faith to better myself, maybe I can help someone else out there to do the same. I was working in a full-time job where I would be guaranteed plenty of over-time for about 3 months each year. Getting well compensated (before the over-time pay) and had great benefits. However, the 30 mile drive to work and 30 miles back home as well as needing to be to work some time between 6 and 7 (depending on whether there was overtime or not) was taking quite the toll on me. I was having a hard time staying awake on this drive while it was still dark out and the deer were enjoying the quiet of the morning. Near misses with deer on several occasions.

I ended up quitting this job that I really had planned to retire from some 20+ years in the future and am now working 2 part-time jobs that are both less than a mile from my house. I see my family more often and am able to go to church on Wednesday evenings now (which I greatly missed doing). I took a substantial cut in pay, however I will concentrate on getting VA jobs lined up as well. I know that I need to work on my confidence. I always feel as though other people can do the same job as I and do it just as well. I have to share a portion of a letter that was given to me by a co-worker when I left my full-time job…

In a short time we were able to work out a system that worked well for both of us and that allowed us to be on the same page and very compatible in our jobs. I don’t think there is anyone that is going to miss you more than I will. I was truthful when I said I was disappointed when you told me you were leaving. I seriously doubt that your replacement will be as easy for me to work with. I just have to hope.

This should help me to realize how invaluable I can be. However, I have always dealt with a low self-esteem. On the other hand, I don’t want to be so prideful to where I think too highly of myself. This is a goal for the rest of this year. I see how much my new employer has appreciated my helping him in his business. I really do look forward to being able to put my expertise to work in my virtual business with other people who also want to succeed in their jobs.

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