Blogging (8-16-14)

I realize that as a VA, I am expected to blog…and to blog on a regular basis.  I have no issues writing, but I typically do better when I have a topic that has been assigned to me.  I have made many attempts to understand what blogging is about.  Again, without a topic assigned…?

So, I just finished reading several blogs that appear to me to be more like writing in a journal about a one’s feelings or whatever might be on their mind at the time.

In the past, I have been thinking that blogging was about writing about what I enjoy doing.  Really?  Who is interested in data entry, editing, daily clerical duties?  I mean, isn’t it all pretty much common sense.  Anything I would have to write about can be found on the internet on a how to page.

Am I the only person who struggles with what to write?  Does it have to be just about what I do on a daily basis?  Please leave me your feedback.  I am very interested in hearing what you have to say about this and whether or not you struggle with the same thing.

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